Fort Kannur

St. Angelo fort is a fort facing the Arabian sea, situated 3 km from Kannur, a city in Kerala state, south India.

Gundert Bungalow

Gundert bungalow is where dr. Hermann Gundert lived in Thalassery for 20 years. A German missionary, scholar and linguist, he came to Thalassery in 1839. He continued to live and work there with his wife Julie for 20 years .

Parassinikkadavu Temple

Parassinikadavu Muthappan temple is a temple, located at Parassinikadavu in Anthoor municipality on the banks of the Valapattanam river about 10 km from Taliparambu and 16 km from Kannur city in Kannur district, Kerala, India.

Mahe Tagore Park

Yet another famous Mahe tourist places is Tagore park. The Mahe town does not have much heritage and sites to depict the rule of French as Puducherry but it has some of the relevant places that show the ancient past of the French rule over there.

St. Teresa Church

The shrine of St. Teresa of Avila that is located in the Mahe town is probably one of the oldest shrines in the whole of Indian states. It is the oldest shoring of St. Teresa of Avila in the Malabar. This shrine has its historical significance and this makes the place more historic and memorable.

Museum & Government House

Yet another location for the lovers of history and historical beauty is the museum and government house. Museums have always been the storehouses of the oldest of the memories of the human existence.

Mahe River Walkway

Another beautiful and alluring place to visit in the Mahe town is the Mahe river where you can go for a small sidewalk to see the serene beauty of nature and enjoy a romantic sidewalk with your partner.

Lokanarkavu Temple

The Lokanarkavu Bhagavathi temple is a temple regularly alluded to in the northern ballads or the Vadakkanpattu of Kerala. The main divinity is goddess Durga, with two closest shrines dedicated to Vishnu and Siva.


Payamkuttimala is a hill located in Kozhikode district of Kerala. A panoramic view of Vadakara and its surroundings is what Payamkuttimala hill has to offer. Lots of Travellers come here to watch the sunset and the view of Arabian sea.


Vayalada is a small village/hamlet in Kozhikode district of Kerala. Vayalada hills is known as Malabar's Gavi. It is situated at a height of about 567 meters above sea level and 38kms away from Kozhikode city.

Iringal Crafts Village

Spread across 20-acres of land on the shores of the Moorad river at Iringal, Kozhikode is a stellar craft village that gives a snapshot into the rich legacy of craft making of Kerala-the Iringal crafts village or Sargaalaya.

Sand Banks Beach

Vadakara sand banks is an attractive beach stretch that supplements the seaside beauty of Vadakara in the Kozhikode district, situated in north Kerala. This beach where the Kottakkal river meets the Arabian sea is a stunningly beautiful beach.

Muzhappilangad Drive-In Beach

Muzhappilangad drive-in beach is a beach on the Malabar coast in the state of Kerala in southwestern India. It is located parallel to national highway 66 between Kannur and Thalassery.